FICHIER GUITAR PRO v5.10B?Eyes of the Dawn Akercocke/.Words that go unspoken... deeds that go undone David Gray AkercockeTom Webb (webbtje),+Disclaimer: yes, I know I've been lazy and .-copied/pasted a lot of the drums rather than <;painstakingly doing all the fills. Deal with it. I've done 65the same with bass in spots - the bass is also quite 76hard to make out at parts, so sorry for any mistakes. 87For the tapping part, put the left hand as if you were <;playing an E octave (C string fourth fret, F string muted, <;A# sixth fret) while you tap; let the left hand notes ring 32out to get that sustained sound. Do the same when 76the left hand plays the other octabes. If the tabbing <;looks/sounds a bit confusing, I've just tried to replicate =