FICHIER GUITAR PRO v4.06d%$A Gunshot To The Head Of TrepidationTrivium AscendancyTrivium.-StarscreamCarcass (*The drums aren't complete, but what there is as $#perfect as my previous tab's drums.43*Again, it's almost impossible to hear the bass on 21Ascendancy. The only prominent parts are in the 76unison section, and the tone is too muddy to make out +*individual notes. Sorry all you bassists!:9*I'm pretty sure Matts solo is perfect. I'm stumped on :9Coreys one, lots of fast notes + bad solo tone = *dies* '&The first two bars are perfect though.98*7/7/05 - Guitars are almost completely perfect except 65Coreys solo. Drums will be done soon! This tab has 43taken me a lot of time, due to their being maybe 3 ;:other tabs for this song on the Net. Hope y'all enjoy it!2114/7/05 - [Bars 41-48 and 65-80] My apologies to 98Adamantium Guy for the apparent stealing of his tab. I 76can honestly say that I didn't use any references for 87this tab other than the actual track. I've changed it ?>now so it doesn't look like a blatant rip off. It's actually =